The 1st Operating system for travel agencies and tour operators.

NasaOSis a web-based travel software that automates your sales, marketing, operations, and finances.

NasaOS provides a powerful travel back-office system that helps you manage all your business rules, such as markups,commissions, promotions, etc. based on predefined criteria for effective revenue management and automation of routine tasks that take up a lot of time. It also helps you keep tabs on your business through in-depth accounting and BI reports

The system provides a solution for daily work from all aspects: quotes, vouchers, airline tickets, private customers, business customers, and also suppliers, including detailed reports and an advanced accounting system including bank adjustments.

Using the system you can easily create beautiful itineraries, vouchers, account statements, reservations, invoices, TAX invoices, and E-tickets.

You can attach up to 10 photos per hotel when sending an email or SMS to your clients.

Easy to use:NasaOSis simple and easy to use and needs minimal training. You can be up and running within a few hours.

Client documentation: Easily personalize your company’s invoices, vouchers, letters, and certificates with your logo and ATOL/ABTA details.

Easily produce credit and debit control reports, sales reports and banking reports. The system will also produce your figures for your ATOL and ABTA returns.

The system contains an advanced wizard for sending emails, including attachments, and it also allows control of all outgoing mail, in addition, the system sends emails via your IMAP/SMTP server so you can always refer to your inbox to double-check for sent mail.

There is also the option of advanced chat for a clerk and clerk or for all simultaneous clerks in the organization.

Free updates: Our system is continually being maintained and improved and as long as you have a contract and a support agreement updates are free.

Remember that your client data is securely held in the cloud.

The system has been around for almost 20 years and serves customers all over the world, the system was developed together and listening to the travel agencies large and small to provide a comprehensive solution for all the different needs of the offices

The company offers support via email or telephone 5 days a week from 09:00 to 17:00 GMT+2

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